‘Co-operators’ listed among the 50 best employers in Canada for 10 consecutive year

For the tenth consecutive year, The Co-operators has been ranked among the 50 Best Employers in Canada by Aon Hewitt. The study measures employee engagement levels using confidential...

For the tenth consecutive year, The Co-operators has been ranked among the 50 Best Employers in Canada by Aon Hewitt. The study measures employee engagement levels using confidential surveys completed by staff members of participating employers.

This year it was based on employee and leader insights from 280 employers. The results were announced on 18 October, and are published in the October 29 edition of Maclean's magazine. The Co-operators, ranked 22nd, scored 79 per cent in its overall employee engagement level, which was higher than the average of this year's Best Employers. The highest score for The Co-operators was in the engagement category of Corporate Social Responsibility, where it scored 95 per cent, compared to the Best Employers' average of 88 per cent.

Kathy Bardswick, President and CEO of The Co-operators, said: "We do take some satisfaction at being included among the Best Employers in Canada, but more importantly, the study provides us with valuable information and direct feedback from our staff members, which we can use to improve."

A highly engaged workforce that shares the values of the organization and is committed to helping achieve its objectives is a wonderful asset and one we work hard to maintain." Aon Hewitt's confidential survey measures employee engagement through a series of questions about HR policies, environmental and corporate responsibility practices, and the alignment between employees and senior management.

The study is very important because it measures the level of engagement, an important factor in determining a business's success. Businesses with high engagement tend to attract and retain employees, who in turn are committed to the business and the success of its goals and objectives.

The Co-operators Group Limited is a Canadian-owned co-operative with more than $36 billion in assets under administration. Through its group of companies it offers home, auto, life, group, travel, commercial and farm insurance, as well as investment products. It consists of the following companies: The Co-operators Group Limited and Co-operators General Insurance Company of Guelph, Ontario; HB Group/COSECO of Mississauga; and Addenda Capital Inc. of Montreal.

The Co-operators was built in 1943 by farmers to take care of themselves and their communities when traditional insurers would not meet their needs. The co-op is well known for its community involvement and its commitment to sustainability. The Co-operators is listed among the 50 Best Employers in Canada and Corporate Knights' Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada. As a member and supporter of the co-operative sector, The Co-operators is also celebrating 2012: The International Year of Co-operatives. For more information visit www.cooperators.ca. 

Aon Hewitt is the leading global provider of risk management services, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, and human resource consulting and outsourcing. The 50 Best Employers are drawn from participants in the Best Employers in Canada Study. The study, based on employee and leader insights from 280 employers, reveals that employees were slightly more satisfied with their pay, but they were also less satisfied with processes in their workplace. The main requirement for being recognized as a Best Employer is creating and sustaining a highly engaged workforce.

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