On the fringe: A celebration of co-operation

Co-operatives United is not just about business and building a better world - it’s also a celebration of co-operation.

Co-operatives United is not just about business and building a better world – it’s also a celebration of co-operation.

An engaging fringe festival is wrapped around the inspiring conferences, exhibitions and workshops that will allow co-operators to mix and match entertainment and ethics.

As delegates walk up to Manchester Central they’ll see the Street Gallery, a photography exhibition showcasing the size, diversity and impact of the global co-operative movement. From snake charmers to electricity, this special exhibition produced by The Co-operative Group is bound to inspire.

Football coaches from Manchester’s fan-owned club, FC United, will be telling visitors their story and there is also a chance to improve soccer skills on the dedicated football pitch.

For those interested in big ideas and social change, the Co-operative Ideas Café in Co-operation Street, with its bookstores, magazines, graphic novel exhibition, café and workshop space is the place to meet, debate and plan a greener, fairer, more co-operative future.

Throughout the week, there will be entertainment and music, which includes facing painting for kids, acrobats on Co-operation Street, urban golf on the staircases and a DJ in Co-operative Living.
A mini film and theatre festival will be coupled with regular short theatre performances by pupils from co-operative schools across the country. The festival will feature co-operative films with introductions and Q&As from key people:

• The Take, by Naomi Klein, documenting Argentinean workers recovering their businesses as worker co-operatives

• Together, produced for 2012 by the European body CICOPA, this highlights the resilience of co-operative businesses in Europe

• Invisible Circus, about a co-operative regenerating Bristol in the UK, this new feature film was produced by a co-operative and is being distributed by Dogwoof

• The Four Horsemen, a new feature film by Ross Ashcroft, lifts the lid on the fundamental flaws in our current economic system and argues for a co-operative solution

• The Fourth Energy Revolution explores how Europe can move to 100% renewable energy in the next 30 years

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