Social media round-up: Co-operative Party conference 2012

Co-operators met in Manchester for the annual Co-operative Party Conference this weekend (7 - 9 September). Delegates from across the country came together to share their vision for...

Co-operators met in Manchester for the annual Co-operative Party Conference this weekend (7 – 9 September). Delegates from across the country came together to share their vision for a co-operative future.

Co-operative Party Conference 2012

Co-operators met in Manchester for the annual Co-operative Party Conference this weekend (7 – 9 September). Delegates from across the country came together to share their vision for a co-operative future.

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The Conference opened on Friday 7 September. Co-operators were welcomed by Len Wardle, Chair of the Co-operative Group, Lucy Powell, Co-operative candidate for Central Manchester and Gareth Thomas, Chair of the Co-operative Party and MP for Harrow West.
Off to Co-op Party Conference in Manchester this weekend – lots of new thinking about the co-operative agenda for post 2015Gareth Thomas MP
Conference beginscooperative news
Len Wardle, opened the proceedings with an impassioned speech about the cabinet reshuffle and the role of women in the cabinet.
Len Wardle, Chair of @TheCooperative, welcoming delegates to New Century House in Manchester, home of the co-op movement. #CoopPartyCo-operative Party
Len Wardle, Chair of Co-op Group "Where there is no vision, people perish" on #reshuffle #CoopPartyCllr Paul Bull
"This government has no vision apart for the rich" Len Wardle, Chair, The Co-operative Group #CoopPartyCllrRichardRobinson
"The shortage of women in the cabinet is a disgrace" Len Wardle #CoopPartyEmily Barker
Just met Len Wardle at the #CoopParty conference. He isn’t a fan of chocolate. I should have offered him a Palestinian smoked almond.Annie Warren
From the #CoopParty conference: Women play a leading role in the @CoopParty #coopsCo-operative News
Lucy Powell, Candidate for Manchester Central, celebrated Manchester and it’s co-operative movement.
Waiting to speak at the opening of the #CoopParty conference in Manchester. @CoopPartyLucy Powell
.@LucyMPowell celebrates the dynamic #coops of Manchester, including @CarbonCoop and @EighthDayVeg. #CoopParty Party
Gareth Thomas, the Chair of the evening, urged co-operators to set an agenda for change. 
Gareth Thomascooperative news
.@GarethThomasMP sets out vision of a new policy making process to build an exciting co-operative offer for the next election. #CoopPartyCo-operative Party
Set an agenda for #coops change, urges @CoopParty Chair @GarethThomasMP #CoopPartyCo-operative News
In his Chair’s Address, @GarethThomasMP celebrates the work of #CoopParty MPs and peers like @cathyjamieson @ChrisLeslieMP & @GlenysThorntonCo-operative Party
With fellow cooperators @tom_watson @GarethThomasMP and our Top Woman #CoopParty Gen.Sec #KarinChristensen @_karin_c
The morning of Saturday saw Key Note speaker Ed Balls, Shadow Chancellor and MP for Morley and Outwood, take to the stage. 
Ed Ballscooperative news
If people want to hear about plan B for the economy listen to Ed Balls at the #CoopParty conference in Manchester Today #osbourneoutoftouchCllr Paul Watling
#CoopParty Ed Balls speaking really well at the coop conference in complete contrast to the failing Cameron and OsbornJulie Gunnell
Ed Balls more people turning to mutual banking sector – doing well despite recession because of better, stronger model #CoopPartyLinda Gilroy
RT @ShazRahman30: Tory ministers only 1/6 women. Labour ministers over half women Ed balls points out. Tories not representative after r …Co-operative Party
Ed Balls excellent speech #CoopParty pointing out how Osborne, Cameron, Clegg wrong, they failed on economy, debt + fairness.Simon Crew
RT @CllrPaul4Cowick: @esballsmp says better to reduce VAT on housing renovations to 5% rather than tamper with planning rules #CoopPartyInnerwisdom
Major speech by @EdBallsMP and presence of @cathyjamieson, @lucianaberger, @StephenTwigg not enough to draw media to #CoopParty conferenceCllr Paul Bull
Following Ed Balls, the conference was split. In one discussion was Paul Monaghan & Paul Flowers discussing the International Year of Co-operatives and international co-op development.
Following the success of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, Paul Monaghan suggests Rochdale Pioneers, Zombie Killers. #CoopPartyCo-operative Party
Rochdale Pioneers as Co-operative Zombie Killers. That is one heck of a reboot! #CoopPartyPatricia Juby
Next goal for @lendwithcare, to invest in #Fairtrade growers directly, Paul Monaghan tells #CoopParty.Co-operative Party
RT @ska_dad: Cracking briefing by Paul Monaghan, Head of Social Goals & Sustainability at @TheCooperative to #CoopParty Conference o …MalbonsterWeavr
The other discussion was looking at the future shape of the Co-operative Party conference followed by the report from the Youth sector of the Party.
In our other discussion we are discussing the future shape of #CoopParty Conference. How do you think it should change?Co-operative Party
Now about to hear the Youth Report at #CoopParty conference. Later I will be giving the Parliamentary Reportcathy jamieson mp
@IanAdderley giving the Youth Report at #CoopParty Conference. ‘This Government is targeting impoverished young people’.Nick Crofts
In the evening co-operators headed to the #CoopParty Tweet up or the Women’s reception. 
Join us for #CoopParty tea-and-tweet-up at @HomeSweetHomeNQ from 1730, Edge Street in the Northern Quarter. Tea & cake with fellow tweetersCo-operative Party
Just seen @mtiedemann and he is all ready for the #coopparty tweetup at @homesweethomehq on Edge St at 6. Great to see Co-operators there!alexsobel
There’s lots of people at the #coopparty tweet up, and my battery is about to die.Connaire Demain
Alex and Martin tweeting in a room full of twitterers #CoopPartyNeil Rhodes
Really enjoyable, interesting and engaging second day at @CoopParty Conference. Now unwinding over drinks with fellow #CoopParty tweeters.Sundip Meghani
Tonight’s fun: it’s the #CoopParty Women’s reception with @cathyjamieson followed by the Annual Dinner with @tom_watsonCo-operative Party
Cathy Jamieson MP is speaking to #CoopParty women’s reception about getting into politics from co-ops and @woodcraftfolkRebecca Mattingly
The Conference came to a close on Sunday with the AGM and a speech from the new General Secretary of the Co-operative Party Karin Christiansen.
Karin Christiansencooperative news
@_karin_c will lead the @CoopParty very well according to ed balls. I agree exceptional experience in Rwanda and Bosnia.Shajidur Rahman
listening to new Coop General Secretary @_karin_c at #coopparty conference. A new era.Yilmaz Mamedy
@_karin_c Makes gr8 speech to round off a fantastic #CoopParty conference, thanking delegates and staff & looking fwd 2 exciting times aheadDaniel Carey-Dawes
Impressive and thought provoking speech to #coopparty by @_karin_c good stuff!CllrRichardRobinson
Great @coopparty conference. great ideas.brill speech from @_karin_c today.looking forward to her visiting scotland soon:-)Hannah
Excellent speech from our new @CoopParty General Secretary Karen Christiansen. Now for Auld Lang Syne to close #CoopParty Conference 2012.Sundip Meghani
Delegates had a great Co-op Party Conference and felt inspired by the weekend’s events. 
#CoopParty vote4change means present and future members will now have far better chance to shape better future for community and countryLinda Gilroy
We need to engage with young people, they are our future and we want themto take forward #coop values says @QueenFlo #coopparty > spot onDaniel Carey-Dawes
Good train journey back up to Glasgow from #CoopParty conference. Lots of work done!cathy jamieson mp
Back home after a great #CoopParty conference – missing everyone already!Jewel Miah

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