Obesity report celebrates contributions of European consumer co-operatives

Consumer co-operatives fight the obesity epidemic in Europe, one informed member at a time.

In celebration of the International Day of Co-operatives on 7th July 2012, the European Community of Consumer Co-operatives (Euro Coop) has released a report highlighting one of the ways in which its members embrace the 2012 theme of “Co-operative enterprises build a better world”: pioneering the fight against obesity.

In light of the growing obesity epidemic – the European Health Interview Survey published by Eurostat estimates that between 37 and 57 per cent of the European adult population is currently overweight or obese – the consumer co-operative members of Euro Coop have developed forward-thinking initiatives to encourage healthier lifestyle habits.

Among the activities described in the report is Eroski’s development of a colour-coded food labelling system in Spain, Coop Italy’s specially formulated line of foods for children aged four to ten and The Co-operative Group’s award-winning “From Farm to Fork” project, which teaches children in the United Kingdom about healthy diets and food quality through visits to farms.

Rodrigo Gouveia, Secretary General of Euro Coop, said, “Being consumer-owned, ethics-based enterprises, Euro Coop members have long been committed to informing consumers about healthy food and lifestyle choices as part of the seventh co-operative principle of concern for community.

“This report reflects how consumer co-operatives, despite difficult economic conditions, can be successful businesses and at the same time respond to consumers’ needs in a sustainable and responsible way.”

The full “Talking obesity: Consumer co-operatives leading the way” report is currently available for download on Euro Coop’s website.

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