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Co-operatives United offers a unique opportunity for co-operatives around the world to take part and work together.

Co-operatives United offers a unique opportunity for co-operatives around the world to take part and work together.

From the International Co-operative Alliance’s General Assembly and Leadership Forum, the UK’s national Congress or The Co-operative Group’s flagship conference on Values and Principles to events on Fairtrade, farmers’ co-operatives and co-operative business and development, there are informative and inspiring conferences for everyone interested in co-operative, ethical and Fairtrade business.

As well as opportunities to speak at conferences and workshops or organise your own events at the venue, of special interest to co-operatives will be the exhibitions.

At the heart of Co-operatives United are three unique exhibitions which between them offer co-operatives and mutuals a once in a lifetime chance to showcase their work to the world.

ICAEXPO. The ICA’s biennial trade expo is bigger and better than ever, with co-operatives from every continent already confirmed. It will be an opportunity to build new trade relationships and showcase your business to buyers and visitors. ICA Expo will feature some of the world’s largest and most powerful co-operatives, including retailers, banks, housing and agricultural co-operatives from countries as far and wide as China, Brazil, Canada and Russia. Space at the ICA Expo is nearly sold out, so act fast.

Co-operative Living. A truly unique and interactive space, the spectacular Co-operative Living exhibition is an opportunity for the public to experience the how co-operatives play a role in their everyday lives, demonstrating the vibrant and diverse co-operative economy. Imagine taking a walk through a co-operative world, where everything from housing to healthcare, agriculture and finance is run as a co-operative. The interactive town centre environment will allow just that, as an informal space for visitors to relax, get a bite to eat or just take their time to explore. The centerpiece will be the bandstand which will have its own programme of exciting entertainment, games and cookery demonstrations. There are countless sponsorship opportunities at Co-operative Living. Areas include- but are not limited to – schools, the home, transport, farms, finance, health, shopping and restaurants.

Co-operation Street is a showcase of co-operative businesses, offering a unique perspective of what it is to be co-operative. The exhibition is positioned in the venue's busy entrance foyer, en route to all conferences and workshops ensuring maximum footfall from co-operative members and activists to business managers and the general public.

Co-operatives United is a once in a lifetime opportunity – a week when key people from the global co-operative movement will come together with leaders and supporters from the wider ethical business sector.
It’s an opportunity not to be missed.

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