Co-operatives UK launching the ‘Co-operate’ app

Co-operatives UK launches today at 12 noon a new app called ‘Co-operate’.

To mark the International Year of Co-operatives, Co-operatives UK launches today at 12 noon a new app called ‘Co-operate’.

The app will enable consumers with a keen interest in ethical business and co-operation to search for local co-operatives and find out what products and services they are offering. The ‘Co-operate’ app will be available on iPhones and Androids, with an iPad version to follow shortly.

Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK, said: “With the ongoing economic troubles there is an increasing appetite amongst consumers to support a grassroots, ethical economy.

“One billion people around the world are members of co-operatives. Co-operate will make it easier for even more people to find and support these businesses.

“At the same time we’re hoping to provide a tangible demonstration of the power of co-operation both to reward consumers and to support the continued success of co-operative organisations.”

Users will be able to unlock discount vouchers for use in more than 11,000 independently owned co-operatives outlets, including food stores, restaurants, pubs, energy providers and travel companies.

“Everyone in the UK has a wide range of co-operative businesses that are local to them or accessible online. As a result of shopping with Co-operative organisations people can make a positive choice to strengthen the economy of their local community and support a fairer and more socially responsible business model,” Mr Mayo added.

“By downloading Co-operate, even more people can be part of the good news. It is a tool for a better world."

To download the app, visit There will also be a similar function available online for all those who do not possess a smart phone. The app is due to launch in the US as well, in partnership with the National Co-operative Business Association.

Co-operatives UK is the trade organisation for the co-operative sector that campaigns for greater co-operation and socially responsible businesses. The launch of the App is just one of the many other projects Co-operatives UK has developed in order to mark the International Year of Co-operatives. Co-operatives Fortnight, another event organized by Co-operatives UK, will bring together co-operatives, organisations supportive of co-operation and individuals interested in co-operatives.

• For more information on Co-operatives UK and the mobile app visit

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