Big Co-op Conversations #4

26 April 2012 Attend Big Co-op Conversations #4 which will discuss Creating Regional Prosperity through Co-operative Business Models. To be held on 11 May 2012, 2-4 pm at...

26 April 2012
Attend Big Co-op Conversations #4 which will discuss Creating Regional Prosperity through Co-operative Business Models. To be held on 11 May 2012, 2-4 pm at the Lewis Lecture Theatre, University of New England.

Creating Regional Prosperity through Co-operative Business Models

When:  11 May 2012, 2-4 pm
Where: Lewis Lecture Theatre, University of New England
Download: Flyer, Program and Speakers Info Sheet Adobe PDF
More info: For further event information, contact Will Winter on 0407 820 049.

Big Co-op Conversations


2.00pm | Welcome
Alison Sheridan, Professor and Head of the School of Business, Economics and Public Policy, University of New England

2.10pm | “The increasing appetite for co-operative business activity within regional Australia”
Jo Barraket, Associate Professor, Business School, Queensland University of Technology

2.25pm | “Achieving practical business advantages through collaboration”
NORCO representative (TBA), Lismore

2.45pm | “Solidarity amongst co-operatives within Australia in the IYC”
Melina Morrison, Secretariat for the International Year of the Co-operative

3.00pm | “Mapping the value of regional cooperative activity in a region”
Peter Tregilgas, Executive Officer, Mid North Coast Regional Development Australia

3.20pm | Panel Discussion
Alison Sheridan to Chair, Panel: Jo Barraket, Melina Morrison, Peter Tregilgas, Kevin Dupe (CEO, Community Mutual Group) and Valerieanne Byrnes (Executive Manager People, Community and Credit, Community Mutual Group)

3.50pm | Plenary
Kevin Dupe to Chair

4.00pm | Refreshments


Associate Professor Jo Barraket
Jo Barraket is an Associate Professor of Social Enterprise at The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Non-profit Studies, Queensland University of Technology. Jo researches and teaches management and policy aspects of social enterprise and social innovation. Jo’s research spans the consumer cooperative movement which is the first research effort to document the scope and activities of the Australian social enterprise sector. She has researched extensively and been published widely on social enterprise, and on relationships between governments and the not for profit sector in policy development and implementation.

Ms Melina Morrison
Melina is a Director of Australia’s Secretariat for the International Year of Co-operatives, and a member of the voluntary board of management – the IYC 2012 Steering Committee. Melina has written on cooperatives and the social economy for a decade for international and national publications (including four years as Associate Editor of the International Co-operative Alliance e-Digest). Melina has wide experience engaging social and mainstream media on how we build social capital through profitable social businesses.

Professor Alison Sheridan
Professor Sheridan is the Head of the School of Business, Economic and Public Policy in the Faculty
of Professions at UNE. Alison’s comprehensive research includes gender and diversity in corporate
governance, flexible work practices, human resource management, and small business. Her research is widely published and she contributes to our panel discussion a wealth of knowledge and experience applicable to business management in our region. Alison is also a member of the Board of the Community Mutual Group Ltd.

Norco is a diverse agricultural co-operative, with four distinct business groups, operating within Australia for more than 110 years. Norco Rural forms part of this co-operative with the objective to provide customers with good value, convenient and trusted business solutions which help add value to their business. Norco Rural operates 25 stores located along the Australian Eastern coastline, ranging from Bundaberg in South East Queensland down to Newcastle in NSW.

Ms Valerieanne Byrnes
Valerieanne is the Executive Director of People, Communities and Credit at the Community Mutual Group. With extensive experience in management in the mutual sector, Valerieanne is currently broadening her expertise by completing a Masters of Management in Co-operatives and Credit Unions at St Mary’s University, Canada. Valerieanne has recently returned to Armidale from a study tour of Mondragon region
in Spain where co-operative economic activity underpins the national economy.

Mr Peter Tregilgas
Peter is currently the Executive Officer of Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast (NSW). Peter has overseen the mapping of co-operatives within his region and has valuable observations on their relevance for local economies. He has wide-ranging experience in creative innovation including, arts management, festival coordination, capital projects and social enterprise. Peter is a former director of the Adelaide Festival Fringe. Peter has extensive skills in business planning and the development of social enterprise for the “Not for Loss” sector including writing a definitive booklet Social Enterprise in Australia. He is a champion for “cause related programs” including a recent term as Executive Director, Arts Access SA (Arts & Disability).

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