Globe and Mail publishes Special Report on co-operatives, IYC

Canada's largest national newspaper, the Globe and Mail, has published an eight-page special report on co-ops in celebration of the International Year.

It has never been easy for co-operatives to find their way into the pages of the Globe and Mail, the daily newspaper of choice for Canada's business elite.  But the International Year of Co-operatives has changed all that.

On May 15, the Globe published an eight-page special report entitled "The Power of Co-operatives", sponsored by the Canadian Co-operative Association and the International Summit of Cooperatives and funded by advertising from several major Canadian co-operative organizations.

With a front page bearing the headline "Ethical values underpin global movement", the special report included stories on virtually every aspect of the Canadian co-operative sector, from credit unions to car sharing co-ops; from agricultural co-ops to the role of the Canadian co-op movement in international development; from co-op housing to the importance of co-ops in the Canadian Arctic.   There was also an article on the Summit, a major international co-op conference which will take place in Quebec City in October, and one on the global impact of co-operatives, quoting from the latest ICA Global 300 report. 

The report was peppered with quotes from Canadian co-op movement leaders, including Kathy Bardswick of The Co-operators (insurance); Monique Leroux of Desjardins  (financial group); Simon Robert of Agropur (dairy); and Tamara Vrooman of Vancity (credit union), as well as Claude Gauthier, president of the Canadian Co-operative Association, David Phillips, CEO of Credit Union Central of Canada and Nicholas Gazzard, executive director of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada. 

While the special report was not included in the electronic edition of the Globe, the newspaper made a .pdf version available for online use.  The .pdf can be downloaded at or viewed online below.

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