Music star Imelda May is face of credit unions

International music star Imelda May goes back to her roots as the face of credit unions in Ireland.

International music star Imelda May goes back to her roots as the face of credit unions in Ireland.

The singer, who has released three albums and appeared at the Grammy Awards and on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, has recorded two television commercials for the Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU).

Imelda will be the face of credit unions in the country throughout the International Year of Co-operatives in a national advertising campaign that has launched this week. As well as the two television commercials, which see the singer using her local financial co-operative, a number of radio adverts and press and poster adverts have been developed by Dublin agency Focus Advertising.

Imelda’s family has long been involved with credit unions as members and as volunteers in Meath Street Credit Union, Dublin, and Imelda’s Dad, Tony, a former credit union volunteer, also features in one of the 30 second television adverts.

A statement from the ILCU said: “Imelda has earned success the hard way — she’s living, dancing, singing proof for us all that hard work has its rewards. From teenagers to grannies she’s popular bar none to those who hear her music or meet her. This is what makes her different, what makes her stand out from the crowd and this difference is what the credit union holds close to its heart.

“The concept of the new campaign focuses on the credit union’s core values – its people! At each credit union around Ireland it is the member that comes first and the credit union celebrates and acknowledges that fact. Notably, as Ireland’s credit unions undergo a period of significant change, the campaign marks and paves the way to the beginning of that process.”

Talking about her involvement in the campaign, Imelda said: “I’ve been a life-long member of the credit union, so I was delighted to be asked to front their campaign.”

Speaking at the launch of the new advertising campaign, Mandy Johnston, ILCU Head of Communications, said: “This innovative and integrated campaign has been designed to highlight the benefits of credit union membership by focusing primarily on the uniqueness of the credit union brand.

“The core values and differences of the credit union movement – members, commitment to co-operation and commitment to community are strongly represented in the campaign.

“We are delighted to have Imelda on board. Imelda and her family have been long involved with the movement and for us represent the very essence of the credit union.”

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