The new challenge of co-operation

Co-operatives are a flexible model that have a big focus, according to Professor Carlo Borzaga.

Co-operatives are a flexible business model that have a big focus, but they face a growing challenge, according to Professor Carlo Borzaga.

In a video recorded at the Euricse academic conference in Venice last week, Prof. Borzaga from the University of Trento talks about the co-operative model from both an economical and social perspective. He says that the co-operative system is more widespread than can be imagined, and that the movement is not confined to specific sectors since they are a more flexible model. 

Another consideration of the influence of the sector is that co-operatives are not only small enterprises, but also have a big focus that is comparable to shareholder companies.

Co-operatives also have a social impact. Prof. Brozaga says people need to be involved in the production processes of a co-operative and this is an advantage for the co-operative system.

One of the problems facing the movement, explains Prof. Borzaga, is attracting the attention of governments and public institutions to catch these advantages. Prof. Borzaga calls this the new challenge of co-operation.

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