Euro Coop creates database of national co-operative legislation

The database presents a new opportunity for European consumer co-operatives to share experiences and compare differences in European co-operative law.

Euro Coop, the European Community of Consumer Co-operatives, recently released a database regrouping the legislation governing consumer co-operatives in seventeen European countries.

Developed by Euro Coop’s Co-operative Identity Working Group, the Co-operative Law Database will serve as a point of reference for European consumer co-operatives by providing a brief analysis of different co-operative laws in effect across Europe.

Within the database is a page for each country that details the relevant law, its main characteristics, its positive attributes and potential areas for improvement.

“Because national laws in Europe are so varied, a single resource compiling European co-operative laws relevant to our members is an important tool”, said Rodrigo Gouveia, Euro Coop Secretary General.

“Thanks to this project, Euro Coop members will have an additional way to exchange information and experiences.”

The database is currently available to Euro Coop members via the Euro Coop website (

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