Big co-operative message on delivery trucks promote International Year

A UK co-operative is shouting loud about the International Year of Co-operatives on the side of its distribution trucks.

A UK co-operative is shouting loud about the International Year of Co-operatives on the side of its distribution trucks.

Midlands Co-operative, the second largest consumer co-operative in Britain, is raising awareness of the year with a fifteen-foot high message proclaiming its support for the Year.

Hundreds of thousands of people across its trading area, which includes almost 400 food, travel, funeral and non-food branches. The society also has almost one million members and 8,500 staff.
The vehicles were created by Leicester Carriage Builders (LCB) which became part Midlands Co-operative Society back in 1995 through the merger of the former Leicester and Central Midlands Societies. The business established in 1903, offer conversion and specialist vehicle services, producing bespoke vehicles for a wide range of customers in both the public and private sector.

LCB has recently built five vehicles, equipped with a series of environmental friendly features for the society retail distribution fleet. Two of these vehicles have been branded to show support to the International Year of Co-operatives.

Robin Farrell, Head of Distribution for Midlands Co-operative Society, said: “The retail distribution team has been working closely with Leicester Carriage Builders to create a new fleet of five vehicles that are not only environmental friendly but also have the latest safety features. We are proud to have two of these vehicles out on the roads supporting the International Year of Co-operatives.”

Using vehicles such as Iveco Daily, Ford Transit and Mercedes vans, LCB also produce coaches, buses and minibuses, accessible vehicles, mobile libraries, mobile youth centres, bullion carriers, cash-in-transit vehicles, and even mobile radar bases.

Rick Johnson, Operations Manager for Leicester Carriage Builders, said: “We have a team of highly skilled engineers that work for a number of national clients producing vehicles such as mobile libraries and accessible vehicles to coaches and bullion carriers.”

LCB also install crash tested floor systems and seat tracking, diesel and water saloon heaters, climate control systems, on-board and under-floor tail lifts, retractable steps, luggage racks, driver and passenger safety equipment.

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