A call to action for co-operatives

Co-operators across the United States are being urged to put their full support behind the National Cooperative Development Act by encouraging political Representatives to commit to the Bill.

Co-operators across the United States are being urged to put their full support behind the National Cooperative Development Act by encouraging political Representatives to commit to the Bill.

Here, National Cooperative Business Association Chief Executive Paul Hazen addresses co-operators, urging them to take action:

Today, I'm writing to ask your support for legislation that will provide resources to spur the expansion and formation of cooperatives in both urban and rural areas. Representatives Chaka Fattah (D-PA) and three co-sponsors have introduced legislation in the US House of Representatives that has the potential to spur economic development and job creation through cooperative development.


The National Cooperative Development Act would establish a National Cooperative Development Center to provide capital, training and other resources to foster cooperative development. Addressing economic development though cooperative development will advance the economic stability of local areas; increase the circulation of capital locally; and develop, attract and anchor new productive capital in urban and rural underserved communities.


We need your support!

We want more co-sponsors! Please ask your Representative to demonstrate their commitment to strengthening communities and creating jobs by becoming a co-sponsor of this bill.


In your letter, tell your Representative about your co-op, make it personal to you and their district. Use the talking points available at www.campaign.coop/node/24 to highlight the impact co-ops can have in their district. Tell them how the National Cooperative Development Act would help their district.


It would be a tremendous win for the cooperative movement in the United States if we could have a large number of co-sponsors for this bill-from both urban and rural areas and from both "sides of the aisle." Especially as we near the international Year of Cooperatives, an early 2012 passage of this legislation would demonstrate America's reconition of the social and economic benefits of cooperative enterprise.


The National Cooperative Development Center will…

  • Award grants to nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities provide technical assistance to cooperative or groups seeking to form co-ops.
  • Provide guidance, best practices and technical assistance to communities seeking to establish cooperatives.
  • Create a revolving loan fund to provide seed capital to groups attempting to form cooperatives.
  • Provide funding to train providers of technical assistance an support existing professional development for organziations engaged in cooperative development.
  • Establish cooperative development centers in areas that do not have them.


To support you…

NCBA has created text for you to include in a letter (see below my signature). In addition, the site www.campaign.coop contains a number of resources that can support your effort, including talking points. I encourage you to visit the site.


Please send your letter as soon as possible so that we continue the momentum of congressional support on this legislation.


Visit the US House of Representative Directory to access the website or other contact information for your Representative.


If you have questions about contacting your Representative or the National Cooperative Development Act, please contact NCBA's Director of Public Policy, R.L. Condra at [email protected] or 202-383-5480.


I hope you'll join with NCBA in working to strength rural and urban areas of the United States through cooperative enterprise.



Paul Hazen

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