Meet the supporters in Congress of the National Cooperative Development Act

The National Cooperative Development Act was introduced to Capitol Hill by four Congressional supporters of co-operatives across the US, read more about them here.

Congressman Chaka Fattah introduced the National Cooperative Development Act along with three other supporters from the House.

The Democratic representative for Pennsylvania's 2nd district, Congressman Fattah is Congressional leader for the national cooperative movement and particularly keen on urban co-ops.

He said: "We have food deserts in low-income urban areas where food cooperatives are often the only enterprises willing to bring food security and nutrition to the community while anchoring the buy-local campaigns we see happening everywhere. Every new or expanded cooperative, regardless of the goods or services it provides, will be a job creator and an economic engine where it's most needed."

Congressman Robert Brady

Congressman Robert Brady, Democratic representative for Pennsylvania's 1st district, is one of the co-sponsors of the Bill. His ability “to promote equality and diversity on Capitol Hill” was highlighted by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi when he was elected Chairman of the Committee on House Administration in May of 2007, which ran until December 2010.

He said: "Cooperatives are an important part of the national fabric and they provide vital support for struggling underserved communities. And, when it comes to the challenge of food hardship, cooperatives have the unique ability to offer on the ground solutions for on the ground problems. The NCDA represents the kind of fundamental investment that keeps on giving, and I am proud to be an original co-sponsor of this important legislation."

Congresswoman Barbara Lee

As Congresswoman for California's 9th district Barbara Lee is all too aware of the importance of cooperatives in her creative business district, which includes many technology cooperatives.

Congresswoman Lee describes herself as a "powerful and bold advocate for progressive causes" by standing up and speaking out for social and economic justice, peace and global security, and protection of civil rights and civil liberties.

She said: "The Bay Area continues to benefit from the economic development generated by cooperatives. Cooperatives are a strong business model for job growth in this troubled economy and are powerful tools to building prosperous communities."

Congressman John Tierney

Representing Massachusette's 9th congressional district, John Tierney says he fights "for a vibrant middle class and working to create broad opportunity". During his time in Congress, he has been active on education and labor issues. This includes making education more affordable through the Higher Education Act; and through various Bills encouring more jobs and ensuring workers receive needed skills and training.

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