Rochdale is named World Capital of Co-operatives

Rochdale has been declared as the world capital of co-operatives.

Rochdale has been declared as the world capital of co-operatives. Delegates at the General Assembly overwhelmingly backed the motion to name Rochdale, the home to the Rochdale Pioneers, as the global centre of co-operation. Put forward by ICA Americas, the proposal highlights Rochdale as the one of the earliest examples of a modern co-operative and where the Co-operative Principles were established. In recognition of this, delegates at the Cancun meeting backed the move to name Rochdale as the Movement's world capital. Ramón Imperial, ICA Americas President, said: "Everyone in all the co-ops in other countries, we all recognise that the birthplace of all these values and principles was Rochdale. "We want to make it official, something that in the majority of our countries we already recognise that Rochdale as the world capital of the co-operative movement." Mr Imperial also highlighted that other countries have adopted national capitals of co-operatives, such as Sunchales in Argentina and Nova Petrópolis in Brazil. Said ICA President Dame Pauline Green: "I am absolutely delighted that Rochdale has been given this international recognition. The 28 Rochdale Pioneers spawned a worldwide Movement which is owned by nearly one billion people and, according to the United Nations, now serves over half the world’s population. Anyone who has benefited from a co-operative has those Rochdale men to thank."

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