Two new directors for ICA board

General Assembly delegates have voted for two new board members.

General Assembly delegates have voted for two new board members. Elected to the board are Mr Albolhassan Khalili from Iran Oilseeds and Vegetable Oil Processing Co-operative (Farda) and Mr Janusz Paszkowski, from the National Auditing Union of Workers Cooperatives (NAUWC) of Poland. Also standing for election was Mr Bandupala Ranawake, nominated by the National Co-operative Council (NCC) of Sri Lanka. Profiles: Mr Janusz Paszkowski Mr. Paszkowski is President of the National Auditing Union of Workers’ Co-operatives. Paszkowski is currently serving on the ICA Board after he was co-opted following the election of Mr. Scalvini to Regional President, because he had the largest number of votes of those candidates not elected in 2009. He has a degree in co-operative marketing and management and began his career in the movement in 1973. Since that time he has been deeply engaged in co-operative life. He is active both in the national and international arena. He fights for the well-being of the co-operative movement in Poland and through meetings with co-operative representatives from all over the world. He tries to bring the whole co-operative family together. He believes that the co-operative business model is one of the best solutions for social and economic problems of today’s world. He also serves on a number of boards and advisory committees including the Executive Committee of CICOPA, Board of the European Confederation of Workers’ Co- operatives, Social Co-operatives and Participative Enterprises (CECOP). He has published numerous articles and papers in professional journals and been involved in developing co-operative legislation. Mr Albolhassan Khalili Mr Khalili was born 25 April 1971 and in 1994 received a BS in Food Industries & Sciences from Tehran University. He is currently the Managing Director of Farda. His social activities includes Member of the Board and Secretary of Iran Vegetable Oil Industry Association, Member of the Board and General Secretary of Iranian Food Industry Associations, Member of the Board and General Secretary of Tehran House of Industries & Mines, Member of the Board of the Central Council of Iran Confederation of Industries, Member of the Board of Representatives of Tehran & Iran Chamber of Commerce & Industries & Mines, Member of the Council of Dialogue between Government and the Private Sector. His economic activities includes Chief of the Board of Techno Pars Company, Chief of the Board of Pars Ava Iranian Company, Chief of the Board of Bar Golza Transportation Company, Member of the Board of Oilseed Research and Development Company, Member of the Board and Directing Manager of Farda. His cultural activities include Editor in Chief of Aftabgarden Magazine which specializes in vegetable oil industries, and creator of the Farda Training Center. His scientific activities includes member of the Immunity Managing Systems of Food Industries in Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Member of Health Ministry Technical Committee in Executing Acts of Foodstuff, Drinks, Cosmetics, & Hygenic Materials, and teaching in the Farda Training Center.

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