The Co-operative celebrates I Love MCR Day

The Manchester-based Co-operative Group was quick to lend its support to the ‘I Love MCR’ Day today in the wake of the recent riots in the city.

The giant banner on the Group’s iconic CIS Tower building was unfurled as workers and shoppers made their way into the city centre on the last working day before the big Bank Holiday weekend.

Co-operative News Editor Dave Bowman — who snapped the two fearless workers putting the finishing touches to the banner from the safety of a nearby multi-storey car park — said: "Rather them, than me! It made me dizzy just looking up at the two people perched on the side of the building.

"I just thought I’d take the photo to let Mancunians know how much trouble the Group went to get their positive message across. Hundreds of thousands of people  will see the banner while it’s displayed on CIS Tower and, hopefully, most of them will get behind the campaign to restore the pride into this fantastic city."

Meanwhile the Co-operative Group has announced that it has donated £100,000 to the High Street Fund set up to help small businesses affected by the disturbances in English cities.

Chief Executive Peter Marks commented: "The impact of the destructive criminal activity has been devastating to some businesses, which in turn affects the communities in which they operate.

"It is only right that the Co-operative Group throws its weight behind efforts to help small businesses through this difficult time."

I Love MCR campaigners are releasing 800 red and white balloons from the city’s Exchange Square later today. The balloons will carry messages of love for the city, highlighting people’s favourite things to see and do, written by Mancunians in a symbolic expression of civic pride. 

Anyone that finds one of the message tags across Greater Manchester over the following weeks can register their ‘find’ on the Facebook group ( to be in with a chance of winning a £125 shopping voucher.

Andrew Stokes, Chief Executive of Marketing Manchester, said: "We Love MCR day is an expression of how deep the love is between Mancunians and their city. The mass balloon release will spread those feelings far and wide and will be a highlight of the day’s celebrations."

As part of ‘We Love MCR’ day people have been encouraged to wear the ‘I Love MCR’ T-shirt, badge or sticker. Profits from the sale of ‘I Love MCR’ T-shirts will be donated to Forever Manchester and Reclaim.

To join the ‘I Love MCR’ campaign go to:

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