‘Blackbox’ device monitors driving ability

Co-operative Insurance has launched a ‘blackbox’ data recorder to help determine the premiums of young drivers.

The ‘pay how you drive’ system will reward drivers for safer driving, and the Smartbox will constantly assess the driver’s braking, accelerations, cornering, speed and time of driving. Co-operative Insurance, part of the Co-operative Group, predicts the product will be £328 cheaper than quotes from competitors. 

David Neave, Director of General Insurance, said: “To ensure we do not end up with an entire generation priced out of car ownership we are giving them a chance to prove themselves as responsible drivers, and dispel the assumption that all young drivers will drive badly and have accidents.” 

Drivers will be assessed every 90 days based on the driving behaviours. If responsible driving behaviours are demonstrated they will receive a Safer Driving Discount (up to 11 per cent of the annual premium), but if they drive badly their premium could be increased by up to 15 per cent. 

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