Woodcraft youngsters set for tuition fee march

Co-operative charity the Woodcraft Folk is backing youngsters who wish to protest over the Government's proposed cuts aimed at students.

The educational group, which is supported by the Co-operative Movement, and has 10,000 members operating in 400 local groups across the UK describes itself as having children’s rights at the core of its constitution and supports members taking part in local and national protests.

Members are due to march with students from the London School of Economics on Thursday when MPs are set to vote on proposals to increase tuition fees.

A spokesman told the News: "We think it is great that so many children and young people want to have their say through peaceful protesting and feel Woodcraft Folk is in a strong position to support those young people, making sure they are safe and happy while on protests. Woodcraft Folk members of all ages had a meeting hosted by The LSE occupation on Sunday discussing how Woodcraft Folk can help support children and young people who choose to protest."

"Recent decisions by the government to try and cut Educational Maintenance Allowance, increase student debt and cut funding for schools and universities are making children and young people feel they must protest to get their voices heard. We are not surprised that many young Woodcraft Folk members are joining those peaceful protests against the government’s actions; growing up in Woodcraft Folk gives young people self confidence and teaches them about working together.

"Our primary concern is to make sure that children are safe and supported when they are making their voice heard whether that is in local action or at national demonstrations. With this aim, we will be supporting Young Woodcraft Folk members at the mass demonstration and lobby on Thursday by marching together, creating an environment that is friendly, supportive and fun. 

"We are also trying to provide a contact number and a safe space for if any Woodcraft Folk members get scared, cold, lost or need our help. We will be equipped with blankets and hot chocolate in case people get cold and we are also exploring the issues in our local groups across the country."

Further details on the Woodcraft involvement can be viewed online at: www.woodcraft.org.uk/young-people-protest-watch.


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