Project for hearing aids is Hear to Help

Following its £3.7 million donation after fundraising efforts from staff and customers, the Co-operative Group’s ‘Hear to Help’ project was launched in Leeds.

Following on from the RNID’s charity of the year status across the society last year, the Leeds launch, attended by Group Chief Executive Peter Marks and RNID chief Jackie Ballard, is the first of 21 projects being launched across the UK over the next 12 months to reduce the loneliness and isolation often experienced by people who wear hearing aids. 

‘Hear to Help’ will train volunteers, many of whom have hearing loss themselves, to show others how to get the best performance from hearing aids, so they can hear more clearly and improve communication with friends, family and colleagues. Volunteers will help people to carry out basic maintenance on their hearing aid, as well as providing advice on equipment that can make life easier in the workplace and at home. 

Said Mr Marks: “The incredible fundraising achievement of The Co-operative’s staff, members and customers in raising £3.7 million for RNID last year means this is the first of over 20 new ‘Hear to Help’ projects across the UK.”

The ‘Hear to Help’ project in Leeds is being run by RNID in partnership with Leeds Council’s Adult Social Care and Leeds NHS Trust.

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