Cheers for the Co-op!

Midlands Co-operative organised a special trip to Chesterfield FC’s new b2net stadium for children supported by the Chernobyl Children Life Line charity.

Tanya Noon, Member Relations Officer for the society’s Northern Region, said: “We co-ordinated tours for 26 children and two of their teachers from Belarus and their host families which include both adults and children who look after them during their one month stay in our area. 

“We’ve supported the charity on a number of occasions by making donations and helping towards fundraising and we hope this latest event provided the children with some wonderful memories to take back home.”

Local Chernobyl Children Life Line chairman Richard Street added: “Each year it becomes more difficult to get the children over, look after them and occupy their time. 

“It’s wonderful and important the society is able to support our work in the way it does. As well as entertaining the children during their stay, they are given access to medical professionals for routine dental checkups and eye tests — again all done on a voluntary basis. We are very grateful to Midlands Co-operative Society for its support. The visit was a huge success.”

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