Phone Co-op customers admire its ethics

Almost 70 per cent of Phone Co-op customers have chosen to do business with the organisation because of its affiliation with the Co-operative Movement.

In a survey of 1,416 residential customers, the co-operative discovered being part of the Movement and promoting its ethical values were the biggest draw for people to subscribe to its services.

Other reasons included value for money (28.25 per cent); good customer service (24.01 per cent); recommendation (16.45 per cent) and its membership scheme (15.75 per cent).

Eighty-five per cent of the respondents said they would recommend the Phone Co-op to friends and family, while three per cent said they would not.

Over 90 per cent of its customers rated the helpfulness of the co-operative’s service team as very good or excellent. 

Said Chief Executive Vivian Woodell: “These figures indicate that it is still possible to get good service even in the cut-throat world of telecoms. The difference is that, because we are owned by our customers, we only ever act in their interests. 

“And this extends to how we manage pricing. Unlike BT who have just announced yet another set of price increases, we do not have to squeeze every last penny of profit out of our customers in order to satisfy City investors.”

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