Fairtrade champions World Cup wineries

To raise awareness of Fairtrade during the World Cup, a Sip for South Africa campaign has been launched.

The Fairtrade Foundation is encouraging football fans to switch their usual drink to Fairtrade to support farmers, workers and their communities in the country. 

Fairtrade certified wine producers hit a double strike with Fairtrade as they receive the Fairtrade minimum price for their grapes, as well as a Fairtrade premium which producers in South Africa invest in projects such as housing for workers, day care centres, college bursaries, computer labs, adult education classes and pension schemes. The premium is also being used to encourage youngsters to play football for physical exercise. 

One of the Fairtrade wine brands taking part in the Sip for South Africa campaign is Stellar Organics based at Trawal in the Western Cape. It has chosen to invest some of the premium in a local football team Stellar United as a way of bringing youngsters together to help tackle youth crime. Other Fairtrade wine brands taking part are Fairhills, Thandi and Origins.  

Point-of-sale material such as posters, flyers and other resources are available from the Fairtrade Foundation (www.fairtrade.org.uk) to help bars, pubs, and restaurants to promote Sip for South Africa.

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