Watch the Co-operatives Fortnight video here

Co-operators from around the country have come together for a special short film to celebrate Co-operatives Fortnight (and the video can be viewed here).

Starting this Saturday until July 3rd, the first Co-operatives Fortnight will see hundreds of events across the UK to promote the Movement.

Dozens of figures from around the Movement, including Co-operatives UK Secretary General Ed Mayo; International Co-operative Alliance President Pauline Green; Co-operative Group Chief Executive Peter Marks and Co-operative College Principal Mervyn Wilson were filmed in Manchester for the short piece.

In the film, the individuals gave their opinion on what a co-operative is and how it benefits society to fit in with the Fortnight’s theme of ‘There is an alternative’.

Margaret Tranter, Director of Lincolnshire Co-operative, was filmed saying: "Co-operatives are about coming together for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just two of you or 2,000."

Bob Cannell, from worker co-operative Suma, said in the video: "There’s still lots of people saying let’s be selfish because it’s the only way, well it’s not the only way."

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