Putting the ME into membership

The recent launch of The Co-operative Group’s membership website www.co-operative.coop/membership and the online community social network ‘Hive’ opens up exciting new opportunities for members.

It is much easier to engage and interact with the work of the Group and make the most of being a member by being heard, getting involved in campaigns, talking to the businesses and by keeping in touch with like-minded co-operators through social media.  

The Group’s online provision gives much greater access to all and a fantastic example of this is The Co-operative Group’s AGM.  

For the second year running, nobody need be disappointed if they are unable to attend the Group AGM. Now, all members have the opportunity to view the meeting on demand through the Membership website, and will be able to feed back their valuable comments through Hive.

So what can members expect from the AGM? 

Well, obviously, they will see Group Chief Executive Peter Marks and CFS Chief Executive Neville Richardson speak about the performance of the businesses that make up The Co-operative Group. 

Delegates will also be able to discuss motions that have been submitted. This year they will examine the opportunity to sell only Fairtrade bananas in stores and the way in which members receive reward points on purchases of certain products. 

 In addition, there is a wide range of questions and issues raised by our members, plus a management presentation from Patrick Allen, Group Marketing Director, on The Co-operative brand.

Members can register now by visiting the website: www.co-operativememberevents.coop/groupagm. Once registered, a link will be provided to The Co-operative Group’s Annual General Meeting holding page until the recording is available on demand, from noon on Thursday May 27th.

The Group also invited its members to view six regional AGMs live this year, bringing the meetings into their homes through live webcasts. These enabled members to watch the presentations and hear comments, as well as ask their own questions to the panel and hear them answered live. 

Anyone who missed out on their regional meeting can still see it as it is available to view on demand. Just visit www.co-operative.coop/membersmeetings and register to gain access to the appropriate regional meeting recording. There is also a link to the online discussion on Hive, where members are invited to contribute their thoughts and comments. 

This feature is sponsored by the Co-operative Group. 

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