Society gets social mark

Radstock Co-operative is the first independent society to receive the Social Enterprise Mark.

The society, which operates nine stores, received the award to show that it operates for the local community.

Acting Chief Executive Don Morris told the News: “Radstock is absolutely committed to supporting sustainable businesses and consequently helping local communities to thrive and prosper. That’s why we have a determination to protect our independence. By doing so, we can be totally responsive to local needs and react quickly as and when the need arises.”

Delphine Guillemoteau, from the Mark’s organiser RISE, said: “Social enterprises come in all shapes and forms so it’s great to see a vital, local co-operative retailer understanding the importance of being part of the wider social enterprise brand and how it can complement the co-operative brand.”

Other businesses to receive the Mark include the Eden Project, Sofa Project, Bristol Wood Recycling Project and the Co-operative Group South & West. 

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