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Introducing the 2009 Mutuals’ Yearbook, Mutuo’s Chief Executive Peter Hunt writes of “the unprecedented economic turmoil of the last 18 months” observing that “the mutual sector, while not...

He added: “The sector has continued to grow in 2009. Overall revenues exceed £98 billion (2008 £84bn). Membership of mutuals continues to expand, with more individuals understanding the importance of belonging to the institutions that affect their lives.”
The co-operative sector accounts for more than £25bn of the revenues listed and for more than 10 million of the almost 60 million mutual members.
The book examines the sector in detail, with statistics and case studies from building societies, friendly societies, mutual insurers, other financial mutuals, the co-operative sector, co-operative trust schools, credit unions, employee-owned businesses, football supporters’ trusts, GP co-operatives and mutuals, housing associations, leisure trusts, clubs and societies, and NHS foundation trusts.
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