Shoppers make their point

Co-operative Group food store customers have sent world leaders a clear message ahead of next month’s crucial climate change summit in Copenhagen.

More than 200,000 shoppers at 1,700 stores used the chip and pin machines to register their views and eight out of ten agreed an ambitious global deal is needed. 

The research device enables the Group to gain a snapshot of customers’ views on a range of issues. 

Chris Shearlock, the Group’s Sustainable Development Manager, said: “The latest research provides us with an overwhelming mandate to continue our work to combat climate change. 

“It shows that our customers and members are genuinely concerned about this and is in sharp contrast to recent suggestions in the media that the public are ‘apathetic’ on climate change issues. We were impressed by the degree with which our customers voted so overwhelming in favour of an ambitious global deal. 

“We have reduced our own emissions and pioneered support for renewable energy, but what is really needed is a robust legislative framework to address these very real concerns.”

The Group is chartering trains and coaches to take thousands of members and customers to London on December 5th to take part in The Wave, the UK’s largest ever climate change protest arranged to coincides with the start of the Copenhagen Summit.

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