MSP says Alex Salmond is ‘Margaret Thatcher in a kilt’

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has been branded as “Margaret Thatcher in a kilt” by Labour/Co-op MSP Helen Eadie, who told the recent Co-op Party conference that leading...

Ms Eadie, MSP for Dunfermline East, contrasted the SNP’s apparently cordial relationship with the Conservatives with what she termed the “vicious attacks” on former Scottish Labour leader Wendy Alexander.

Delivering the Scottish Parliament report at the Westminster conference, Ms Eadie said pensioners north of the border were suffering as a result of ‘Tartan Tory’ Alex Salmond’s broken promises. 

She claimed Scotland’s Conservative-owned newspapers were promoting the SNP Government as a means of marginalising Labour and said Tory voters were supporting the nationalists as part of an anti-Labour protest.  

The task for Labour/Co-op politicians and activists, she said, was to get across the Movement’s values of honesty, fairness, justice and equality of opportunity and not be distracted by the Movement’s detractors, who could win power by default.

Turning to the current debate about policy and leadership, Ms Eadie said criticism within any family is normal, but she urged conference: “Keep our criticisms in house and don’t share them with the media.”

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