Key audit role for Mutual One

MUTUAL One is now providing internal audit services for East of England Co-op following the departure of the society’s in-house internal auditor earlier this year.

After an assessment of several audit providers, Mutual One was selected and now undertakes all aspects of East of England’s internal audit requirements.

East of England Society is Mutual One’s fourth internal audit client in the Co-op sector and the organisation’s Chief Officer Andrew Gold commented: “We fully support the desire of co-operatives to aspire to the good governance framework support by Co-operatives UK. What we are now seeing with many organisations is a desire to work with Mutual One on some or all of their audit plan in order to benefit from the knowledge brought from our experience of working with other co-operatives.”

East of England Chief Executive Richard Samson said: “We are pleased to be able to link up with Mutual One and expect them to provide a high quality internal audit service. Bringing in an organisation that is experienced within the mutual and co-operative sector was clearly an added benefit for us.”

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