Israeli co-op set to expand in UK and US

Co-op Israel has set its sights on opening more kosher shops in the UK and United States after announcing that two branches are to be launched in the...

The co-op already operates 51 stores in Israel — with six more outlets due before the end of this year — and CEO Rami Mandel said the chain will open ten more stores by the end of 2010 in Manchester and Jewish areas in the USA.


Co-op Israel is also launching its own brand range “Kokhav Habayit” (star of the house) at an investment of NIS 3.5 million (approx. £580,000).

The chain will first enter the market with 160 products including coffee, legumes, snacks, cookies, waffles, canned goods and toiletries.

And, by the end of the year, the chain plans to have some 900 products on the shelves that will be sold at prices 15–20 per cent lower than their respective leading brands.

Some of the own-brand label products will be produced in Israel, while others such as breakfast cereals and pasta will be imported from Brazil and Turkey respectively.

Co-op Israel had sales of NIS 1.4 billion (£233 million), making it the third largest supermarket chain in the country.

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