Fairtrade takes a bit of licking

Fairtrade fruit specialists AgroFair brought together its entire supply chain from farmers to consumers as a special addition to its recent annual meeting.

The AGM in Keswick, Cumbria, included tours to local supermarkets for farmers to see their products on the shelves and they met with local Fairtrade steering groups. From the Co-operative Group Debbie Robinson, Director of Food Retail Marketing, gave a speech on the success of Fairtrade in Co-operative stores. She was joined by the society’s Fairtrade Manager, Brad Hill, who celebrated the first Fairtrade ice lollies with fruit supplied by AgroFair producers.


John Bowes, Managing Director of AgroFair UK, said: “The whole week has been a huge success. We wanted the fruit farmers – our shareholders – to gain a real understanding of the market in the UK by visiting retailers, talking to consumers and engaging with campaigners. They have had an unforgettable experience.”

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