Co-operator spreading democratic message to Sierra Leone politicians

Co-op Party development officer Martin Tiedemann has just returned from a trip to Sierra Leone where he was providing cross-party training ahead of the country’s local elections in...

Mr Tiedemann, a former Co-op Party councillor in Croydon, was one of around 50 advisers working in the capital Freetown, to prepare for the July 5th election.


He says that, although the country is still in a post-conflict state, the elections could be a significant step forward for the country: “The signs of conflict are still evident — from people’s own battle scars to damaged roads and food shortages. These elections are following on from last year’s Presidential election which saw a peaceful transition of power. If the local elections pass off in a similarly peaceful way, that should result in the final pullout of United Nations forces — effectively marking the end of the conflict.”

Mr Tiedemann’s work, which was arranged by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, concentrated on working with young candidates and women.

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