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Today Co-operative News reaches an international audience through the Global News Hub for co-operatives.

Today Co-operative News reaches an international audience through the Global News Hub for co-operatives.

The Hub is a multi-lingual news service for co-operatives across the world, with content from over 100 contributors in various sectors such as retail, fair trade, banking and insurance.

During the United Nations' International Year of Co-operatives in 2012 and beyond, the website will be the central place for co-operators to share their ideas, initiatives and inspiration.

Created by the UK-based Co-operative Press, which also produces the printed Co-operative News, the Hub provides news updates in various categories, which are listed above, and allows people to have their say through blogs.

Readers can view the website in English, French, Italian and Spanish, which is automatically translated and localised based on the country of origin.

Anthony Murray, Online Editor of the Hub, said: "Following a year of detailed planning, the Global News Hub is now ready for co-operatives to share their news and to find inspiration from other co-operatives.

"As well as a rolling news service, the Hub is also a publishing platform, so co-operatives that do not have their own website can create a mini-site and use our editorial technology."

In partnership with the International Co-operative Alliance a constant feed of news will also form a major part of its official 2012.coop website, which will launch later this month.

Charles Gould, Director-General of the ICA, added: "With the launch of the International Year of Co-operatives less than three months away, and world events dramatically shifting on a weekly basis, the co-operative voice needs this amplification. The Global News Hub ensures that co-operatives will be prepared for this opportunity."

Visitors to the Hub are also encouraged to help the ICA achieve its goal of raising the profile of co-operatives in 2012 by joining in the big co-operative conversation through comments on articles or sharing stories across their social networks.

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