Job Opening: Business Manager, Union Cab Cooperative, Madison WI

Union Cab of Madison, a Worker Cooperative in Madison, WI, is hiring a Business Manager.  Excellent communication and team leadership skills are required.  If interested please visit

Union Cab of Madison, a Worker Cooperative in Madison, WI, is hiring a Business Manager.  Excellent communication and team leadership skills are required.  If interested please visit for more information.  Union Cab is an equal opportunity / affirmative action employer.

Business Manager Opening

Union Cab is a worker-owned cooperative founded in 1979.  We have 240 members, and are located in Madison, Wisconsin.  We are looking for a Business Manager to fill the following job description:

Insure the financial sustainability of the cooperative while achieving the cooperative’s mission and maintain its core values.  Provide an overview of the different segments of the organization and ensure communication among the management teams and between the Board, management teams, and the membership.   Help plan for the cooperative’s future and develop infrastructure for the cooperative to maintain sustainability.

Responsible For:

The membership of Union Cab and Management Teams.


Responsible To:

The membership of Union Cab, the Steering Team, and the Board of Directors.


Responsibilities and duties:

  1. Act as “The Manager” in accordance with Union Cab Bylaws Section 5(A).
  2. Maintain a daily knowledge of Union Cab’s bank balances.
  3. Be the primary signer for Union Cab’s checking accounts.
  4. Make decisions regarding the transfer of funds between accounts (especially between Line of Credits).
  5. Serve as primary contact with the following:
    1. Union Cab Lenders
    2. Financial Institutions
    3. Insurance Companies
    4. Government Regulatory Agencies
  1. Be Responsible for the following actions:
    1. Renewal of Auto Liability Insurance
    2. Renewal of Workers’ Compensation Insurance
    3. Renewal of General Pollution Liability Insurance
    4. Renewal of Board of Directors and Officers Insurance
    5. Renewal of all Operating Licenses for vehicles and cooperative
    6. Renewal of all other licenses and contracts
  1. Oversee and ensure that critical papers and documents are properly stored and filed.
  2. Assure implementation of Cooperative Policies and suggest changes in policies as needed.
  3. Facilitation of Steering Team and participation in all management teams.
  4. Serve as liaison between the Board and management teams.
  5. Work with other managers and management teams to implement board policy, manage the cooperative in an efficient and environmental manner, draft the annual operating and capital budgets, and protect the cooperative’s financial stability. 
  6. Work with management teams to develop monitoring tools of cooperative’s marketplace, customer activity and operational efficiencies.
  7. Assist the respective teams in the hiring and training of other managers and supervisors.
    1. Operations Team: Operations Manager and Taxi supervisors
    2. Member Assistance and Support Team: Human Resource Manager
    3. Finance Team: Information Systems Manager, Financial Supervisor, Waybill Supervisor
    4. Green Team: Maintenance Manager
    5. Marketing Team: Marketing Manager
  1. In working with management teams, accept the process of modified consensus of the team unless the decision clearly fails to meet the cooperative’s mission. If consensus is ignored, the manager must state in writing to the board why consensus has been blocked.
  2. Direct Supervision of the following staff positions:
    1. Administrative Assistant to the General Manager
    2. Financial Supervisor
    3. Newsletter Editor
  1. Keep current on industry trends and future technologies affecting the transportation industry.
  2. Educate and inform membership on industry trends and future technologies affecting the transportation industry.
  3. Write a monthly newsletter article on the state of the cooperative for the membership.
  4. Assist the Board with long-term planning by providing periodic SWOT analysis and STEP analysis of the cooperative economic environment.
  5. Monitor the cooperative’s operations and support mechanism for continuous improvement in efficiency consistent with the cooperative’s Shared Values Policy.
  6. Be willing and able to represent the cooperative to the cooperative community as needed.
  7. Protect the best interests of the cooperative from all threats (including removing unsafe workers from the workplace consistent with the Peer Review Policy).
  8. Serve as a member of the Cooperative Officials.
  9. Help maintain positive morale among the membership.
  10. Treat all members of the cooperative with respect.
  11. Abide by the Management Team Code of Ethics.



  • Supervisory experience
  • Experience and/or education with cooperative policies and procedures
  • Experience and/or education with transportation
  • Experience with team management
  • Experience with business planning
  • Experience with contracts and negotiations
  • Experience with financial management (and cash management)
  • Experience with product and/or market development



  • Ability to organize and follow through complex tracking processes
  • Excellent data and project management skills
  • Attention to deadlines
  • Work well in team atmosphere
  • Excellent communication skills, oral and written


Annual Salary

  • $34,220 – $43,880


If interested, please send a resume and cover letter using one of the following methods:



[email protected]

(pdf documents only)




(Attn: Search Committee)


U.S. Mail  

Union Cab of Madison Cooperative

Attn: Search Committee

P.O. Box 8305

Madison, WI 53708-8305


All resumes should be received by February 20, 2012.



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