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The title for this blog is something that I’m sure we’ve heard many times growing up from our parents. Other than the obvious of, people will like you...

The title for this blog is something that I’m sure we’ve heard many times growing up from our parents.

Other than the obvious of, people will like you if you’re polite, being polite will lead you to get what you want. Science ’44 Co-op is currently preparing for their new members for September. Queens, St. Lawrence and RMC students from all over the world will be moving into their new “8 month” homes September 1st, some are already here. They are my “inspiration” for writing this blog.

With numerous forms, contracts, bookings and requests, the Member Service Coordinator and I are working hard to make sure these next few weeks will go as smooth as possible. The only consecutive road blocks we hit are rude comments. I am sure that all of the student members coming in September are nice and kind people, however something they forget the importance of being polite.

People will do a lot more for you if you are polite to them. Genuine please’s and thank you’s will make a difference in getting what you want. If you are trying to find out information from someone or if you need something, please and thank you are the best ways to get what you want.

Remember that you are not the only person that has a request today. Although it may be “urgent” for you, remember to respect the time and scheduling of others. If you show that respect, your urgency will become their importance as well.

Say Hello to people when you see them. Even a smile will brighten someone’s day. It will work out in your favor when you need something from them one day and they will remember your smiles and greetings and will want to lend a helping hand. 

Take a breath. Right now at Science ’44, things are a bit stressful so we all have to remember to take a breath to calm down. If you find yourself in a situation where you are losing your ‘politeness’, take a breath and remember the please and thank you tip. Don’t take frustration out on other people – they will in turn do the same to you.

If you have been a girlfriend you will understand this part, and if you have had a girlfriend you are probably still learning this part. – It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.  After you have taking a deep breath, said please and thank you, and charmed the gate keeper, remember your tone. I have to remind my boyfriend a lot about tone and sometimes I would like to remind the student members. Sarcasm isn’t cute at 20 and above… Please leave that at home. 

I am not polite 100% of the time. And I can honestly say I don’t follow all these tips. 9 times out of 10, I get rude after someone has been rude to me or to a family member/friend/co-worker. The trick is to not lose your cool and remember to pay if forward with your politeness. You’ll be surprised how people change their attitude once you’re a bit more polite to them. 

Thank you.

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