Democracy in the Workplace: Three Worker-Owned Businesses in Action (1999)

From video maker Margot Smith at Off Center Video.   

From video maker Margot Smith at Off Center Video. 


“Three worker-owned businesses show what it’s like to work collectively, manage a business and deal with problems in a truly democratic way.  The Cheeseboard Bakery and Cheese Shop with 18 workers, Rainbow Grocery with 150 workers, and Inkworks Press with18 members, all located in the San Francisco Bay Area, are successful worker-owned businesses, and members of NoBAWC.”


All of these businesses have grown since the film was made in the 1990s.  Rainbow has over 250 worker-owners.  The Cheese Board has over 50, and has helped spin off Arizmendi Lakeshore, shown in the video, and four other bakeries, with another 100 worker-owners.  Inkworks has grown and spun off its graphic design department as Design Action Collective. 


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