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One of the best ways to build a more democratic, sustainable and cooop

One of the best ways to build a more democratic, sustainable and coooperative economy is to make a commitment to fund TCWC for the long-term.  By becoming a monthly sustainer, you help us acheive our mission, providing community support for the creation and support of empowering jobs where the people and the planet come first. For the next 5 people who sign up to become a sustainer, author and TCWC board member George Cheney will be donating a copy of his book, Values At Work: Employee Participation Meets Market Pressure at Mondragon.

For over five decades, the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation, located in the Basque region of Spain, has inspired millions of people around the world.  From our work at TCWC to the “Cleveland Model” in Ohio, Mondragon continues to offer an inspiring model for those seeking to build a more just and sustainable economy.  Based on a decade of research in the Basque region of Spain, Values At Work takes a close look at Mondragon’s organizational culture in the context of a variety of pressures from an increasingly globalized economy.  In this updated edition, Cheney addresses critical questions for today’s cooperative movement:

• To what extent is this case of workplace democracy applicable to others?
• What does the Mondragon case say about the authenticity and viability of socially responsbible business models?

• What possibilities exist for economic justice within the current structure of multinational capitalism and consumerist culture?

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