Co-operative Housing Ireland has provided 454 new homes in 2020

'CHI homes are unique – we foster co-operative principles in building communities'

Co-operative Housing Ireland (CHI) has created 454 homes in 2020, according to the organisation’s latest annual report.

A federation of co-operatives with 14 affiliated societies, CHI works closely with local authorities, the government, aspiring homeowners, tenants and developers to deliver co-operative homes.

The apex marked the release of the report with the launch of its Kildare development of 80 homes in Loughlion Green, its largest to date. The A-rated social-rented homes development is the result of a partnership between CHI and Kildare County Council, Bank of Ireland, the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, and Kelby Developments.

CHI chair Pearse O’Shiel said: “Despite Covid-19 and the innumerable challenges Co-operative Housing Ireland delivered 454 homes in 2020, a record number for the organisation and a 22% increase on the previous year. CHI now manages closes to 3,500 homes, supporting more than 9,000 people. Our ability to adapt to the pandemic is a testament to our organisations’ capacity to deliver quality homes while maintaining uninterrupted service to members.

“The 454 homes were delivered throughout the country, in 13 counties, from cities to small towns. The housing need is nationwide and so, too, must be our response. To achieve this landmark delivery €111.2m of loans were drawn down in 2020. We are on target to deliver more than 500 homes this year.

“The pandemic further highlighted that the only guaranteed affordable-rented homes in Ireland are provided by local authorities, housing associations, and housing co-operatives.”

The Kildare development consists of 80 one, two, three, and four-bed homes.

“CHI homes are unique – we foster co-operative principles in building communities,” added Mr O’Shiel. “The importance of community has come into sharp focus during the Covid-19 pandemic and the necessity for affordability and security of tenure is a constant theme within that discussion.”

Minister for State, Peter Burke, praised CHI for its ability to work with a range of stakeholders to deliver co-operative housing projects.

“On behalf of the Department and Minister O’Brien we would like to acknowledge the key role CHI and Approved Housing Bodies have in delivering homes and will continue to do so in the forthcoming strategy ‘Housing for All’. As Kieron Brennan, CHI’s CEO said earlier, delivering housing in partnership is key,” he said.

The government’s Housing for All strategy is due to be released at the end of next month.

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