Lincolnshire Co-op raises funds for 190 school breakfast clubs

The move is the society’s latest initiative to tackle food poverty

Through Lincolnshire Co-op’s Community Champions scheme, fundraising has started for 190 local primary school breakfast clubs, in a bid to tackle food poverty

In an effort to tackle food poverty, local shoppers are raising funds to support primary school breakfast clubs for children across Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire, Newark and beyond. 

Breakfast clubs provide a safe, secure environment before school, where children can socialise with friends. Regardless of a child’s financial background or home life, these clubs ensure students can have a substantial breakfast before lessons begin. Having breakfast increases students’ productivity, concentration and memory skills while reducing absences from school. 

Lincolnshire Co-op invited all eligible local primary schools to register to receive breakfast club funding and is now set to support 190 non-profit breakfast clubs through the Society’s Community Champions scheme.

Sarah Cox, Head of Academy at Willows Academy in Grimsby said: “We have found that breakfast clubs allow children to eat and prepare for the day ahead calmly. 

“There has been lots of research to show the positive impact eating breakfast can have on a child’s education. At Willows, we have seen this first-hand and know that children who arrive at school with a full stomach are able to concentrate much better.”

From June to September, every time a member shops with their dividend card in a Lincolnshire Co-op outlet, a donation will be made to the breakfast clubs campaign. Colleagues at the retailer will also be raising funds through collection boxes, dress-down days, and charity events.

At the end of the fundraising period, the total amount will be split evenly across every breakfast club, to ensure every community across the trading area benefits equally. 

It is hoped that the scheme will raise at least £125,000 to provide donations to each breakfast club for two to three years following the fundraising period. Regardless of the total, the Society has guaranteed a donation of £250 to be awarded to each breakfast club in September 2021.

Lincolnshire Co-op’s Community Manager, Sam Turner said: “Recent national campaigns have really placed a spotlight on the importance of these services, and we’re proud to support the wider cause of tackling food poverty. 

“These breakfast clubs ensure that every child can have a healthy and calm breakfast routine and a good start to their day.”

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