New housing co-op gets ready to build in Rochdale

The Langley Community Benefits Society has secured funding to build 12 affordable rental houses

A new housing co-operative project in Middleton, Greater Manchester, has received funding to build affordable social housing.

The Langley Community Benefits Society – made up of people who live in or are connected with the area – has secured the money through the Resonance Community Developers social impact fund.

The energy-efficient houses will be built around the Rochdale Cleaner Air Plan and will be energy efficient.

Co-op chair Terry Smith said: “It’s with great passion and pride to announce that we are the first community led housing group in the borough after securing funding from Resonance to build our own social housing at affordable rent on the Langley estate in Middleton.

“An individual may have a vision, but it only comes a reality when you work in partnership and I would like to thank our partners for their commitment and support, including Riverside Housing, Rochdale Borough Council and the Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation (GMCVO). And last but not least, thank you to local people for your support and help.”

There will be 12 houses in the project, which the co-op says will not be on greenbelt, available to rent at low cost for people who have a connection to Langley who are on low income.

Mr Smith said the project started three or four years ago, prompted by the difficulty people were having in accessing social housing – a problem when “affordable” housing can cost over £100,000 and houses can cost over £500 a month to rent.

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