Centre for Community Finance Europe launches Credit Union Research Prize

Entries are open to doctoral and post doctoral researchers

Researchers in Ireland and the UK who are interested in the credit union movement can submit research proposals for a new Credit Union Research Prize.

Run by the Centre for Community Finance Europe (CFCFE), the prize will award €4,000 to support time and expenses in the production of the paper. Topics can include any aspect of a credit union or its members, but should be focused on and be of interest to the credit union sectors in either the Republic of Ireland or the United Kingdom, or both.

The winner will be selected based on two criteria: action orientation and potential for impact on credit unions; and relevance to the current and future needs of credit unions.

The prize will be awarded on Friday 1 June 2020, and the paper must be delivered by 31 December 2020. Applications must be sent by 30 April 2020 and need to include a 250 words abstract title and summary.

The selected winner will have to submit a paper of 3,000-6,000 words in length (excluding references and any appendices), by 31 December 2020. The paper will be presented at one of CFCFE’s conferences in Manchester on Dublin in 2021.

A not-for-profit research organisation founded in 2017, CFCFE works to developing the resilience and growth of community finance institutions.

More information about the prize is available on CFCFE’s website.

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