‘Support co-ops’, NCBA-CLUSA urges presidential candidates

The apex body argues co-ops should be on the policy platform of every presidential candidate.

The National Co-operative Business Association (NCBA-Clusa) has launched a campaign to encourage US presidential candidates to back the sector.

With the 2020 presidential election approaching, the apex body published an open letter asking those running to recognise the co-operative business model as a tool for the economic success and self-determination of their constituents.

Arguing that “co-ops should be on the policy platform of every presidential candidate,” the letter says the co-op model empowers people to champion their own successes by working together. “And while the member-owners of cooperatives are the drivers of this success, a policy framework that supports the robust development of cooperatives is imperative.”

The letter, which is signed by NCBA-Clusa president and CEO, Doug O’Brien, suggests co-operatives should be an essential part of the solution to growing challenges in sectors such as homecare, rural broadband, finance, energy, housing, food, the gig economy and childcare.

Presidential candidates are also asked to engage the co-operative community and discuss ways to incorporate policy solutions into their platforms.

NCBA-Clusa says policy solutions should include co-operative businesses through increasing access to capital for businesses to start-up, expand or innovate, technical assistance, interagency coordination at the federal and state levels, and increased investment in research and development.

  • As part of the #CoopsFor2020 campaign, NCBA is encouraging co-operators to send a Letter to the Editor to their local newspaper or publication and ask them to publish the NCBA open letter. Those wishing to join the campaign can use a sample letter and sample social media posts available on NCBA-Clusa’s website.
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