CTRLShift summit to explore pathways for social, economic and environmental change

The event will take place on 8-10 May and builds on last year’s summit in Wigan

The second edition of CTRLShift summit will bring together activists, organisers, commoners and entrepreneurs to look at ways to build an inclusive and collaborative future.

The event is held in Stoke on Trent from 8-10 May and builds on last year’s event in Wigan which was attended by over 100 organisations and networks.

It will explore issues such as rising inequality, social division, precarious or insecure employment, loss of biodiversity and climate change, and wants contributions from organisations and individuals, including local government officials, civil society, social enterprises, co-ops, community wealth builders, funders, citizen activists and new economy academics.

Organisers hope that Brexit will bring an opportunity to shape the future of the UK – but they say the challenge is to bring together different components and engage various actors in creating an alternative system while working across identities of class, colour, culture, nationality, gender, politics and religion.

Run on a not-for-profit basis, the summit aims to catalyse a network of change-making organisations, networks and independent practitioners to work together to form a campaign for positive social, economic and environmental change. The event will feature case studies from groups working to reform the system and those actively building practical radical alternatives on the ground, including co-ops.

Stoke was one of the towns which voted strongly in favour of Brexit. The summit seeks to bring solutions together and mobilise people for local and regional action to make ‘taking back control’ a positive reality. Stoke will also be used as a context and example to test ideas and ground them in reality.

The two days will include workshops sharing the latest work and practice across sectors, with group sessions exploring key themes leading to facilitated sessions that explore deeper collaboration and networking sessions.

Strategy sessions will also look at what comes next for CTRLshift – inviting delegates to get involved, fund or plan events or become a partner organisation.

Those wishing to get involved can contact Jay Tompt ([email protected]) to talk about partnership opportunities, or Andy Goldring ([email protected]) to discuss taking part in working groups and planning ahead.

More information on the event is available on CTRLshift’s website.

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