Worker co-op creates free co-operative video game

Simón Pugliese is a co-op game that plays homage to Argentine tango musician Osvaldo Pugliese

An Argentine worker co-op that develops free software has created a video game to promote and encourage co-operation among young people.

Entitled Simón Pugliese, the game was developed by Argentinian tech co-operative Gcoop in association with the Institute of Co-operation (Idelcoop) and the National University of José C. Paz (Unpaz) – as part of the university’s Co-operativism and Social Economy Programme.

The game pays homage to renowned tango musician Osvaldo Pugliese, whose melodies are used in playful, didactic way for the user to learn about co-operative values and principles.

The rules of the game are very similar to those of the traditional Simon Says, with players required to copy Osvaldo Pugliese’s melodies. There are also materials for teachers to work on the co-operative theme inside and outside the classroom.

Unpaz provided academic support to the project, Gcoop provided technical development and Idelcoop contributed the co-operative content. Illustrations were created by Claudio Andaur and the melodies that play at the end of each level were made by Mateo Monk.

The game is free to download for all devices at

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