Co-op Group customers asked to fund radio takeover by children

‘The children will improve their communication skills, team work ability and confidence’

Manchester charity ALL Arts & Media is hosting a radio takeover by local children and is asking for the support of Co-op Group customers to help to make it happen.

The charity runs ALL FM 96.9, a radio station for the community, by the community, with output almost entirely volunteer-led and in several languages.  The takeover will see local children trained in all aspects of radio production, including driving the desk, interviewing guests, using the software and talking on the mic.

With these skills, the children will host live radio shows on ALL FM 96.9 for one day, from 9am to 7pm, on a range of topics that they will decide.

After the radio takeover day, ALL FM will encourage the children to host a regular show on the station which broadcasts to south, central and east Manchester.

Station manager Ed Connole said, “In addition to gaining new radio skills, the children will improve their communication skills, team work ability and confidence. Plus, they will have their own live shows to tell Manchester and beyond all about themselves.

“We equip people with the tools to express themselves on live radio. What they say is up to them, that’s what makes it so exciting. We know from having worked with local children they have plenty to say. We just want to help them be heard.”

The charity is encouraging Co-op members to support them under the Local Community Fund scheme. It is also asking local people to register as Co-op Group members and select ALL FM as their chosen good cause under the scheme. This will enable ALL FM to receive 1% of spending on Co-op own brand products to help fund the takeover.

For more information, and to support the project via the Co-op’s Local Community Fund, find ALL FM on the Group’s website here.

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