Co-operating for closer communities

The Co-op Group is looking for inspiring people across the UK to mentor its member pioneers.

The Co-op Group is looking for people from across the co-op movement to help guide, support and inspire its member pioneers.

The Group currently has more than 300 Member Pioneers, who work within their local communities to create networks of support and activity. Through these networks, Pioneers link up members, food stores, funeral homes, local causes and other co-ops to help communities thrive.

To help them with this work, the Group is now recruiting 43 Member Pioneer Co-ordinators to take on a part-time, paid role to lead a group of 10-15 Pioneers.

“We’ve found that our Member Pioneers really benefit from having someone to support them, and this makes the biggest impact in helping Co-op fulfil its ambition of creating stronger communities,” said Russell Gill, head of co-operative & local engagement at the Group.

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He believes that the co-ordinators will have a vital role in encouraging the Pioneers’ work as they get to know local people, listen to their needs and take action on these needs to improve community wellbeing.

“We’re looking for people who have the passion to bring communities together effectively, believe in the power of co-operation, and who hold the wellbeing of their community at the forefront of their mind, to truly make a difference in their community,” added Mr Gill.

Member Pioneer Co-ordinators will also support the local causes, chosen by Co-op Members that receive a funding boost from the Co-op’s Membership scheme. Last year the organisation invested £19m in over 4,000 groups UK-wide, supporting village halls, community spaces, skills initiatives and neighbourhood watch schemes.

Member Pioneer Co-ordinators will be home-based in their region, and will work 18 hours per week at £12/hour. The Group is particularly interested in hearing from those who are actively involved in the co-op sector, who want to continue making a difference in communities.

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