Central England research reveals Valentine’s Day shopping habits

The research also suggests that customers tend to buy their gifts at the last minute

Traditional gifts such as Prosecco, red roses and chocolates remain the top choice for Valentine’s Day, according to research by the Central England Co-operative.

The study revealed that the top-selling flowers in stores around the big day were Co-op Fairtrade 12 Red Roses and the top-selling confectionery was Cadbury’s Milk Tray.

Last year the society reported an increase in purchases in the days directly prior to Valentine’s Day and on the day itself, which suggests that customers tend to buy their gifts last minute.

The retailer is offering various promotions in the run-up to Valentine’s Day as well as on the day.

Based on an analysis of last year’s shopper behaviour, the society predicts Prosecco will be the number one option, although gin is increasingly popular.

Data from Central England showed that Valentine’s Day 2018 saw a 7% increase in customers choosing Prosecco compared to 2017, continuing an upward trend from previous years. Gin sales at the society grew 23%.

Nicole Bird, category manager at Central England, said: “Part of this increase in gin sales can undoubtedly be put down to the growing popularity of gin among consumers, but it may also be due to the increased range offered by Central England, in response to that demand.

“We are now sourcing new brands and flavours to cater for the younger generation of gin drinkers and expanding our range all the time, including great local gins that are being developed at distilleries throughout the UK.

“Our insight is telling us that Prosecco drinkers are steadily moving over to gin and we are also seeing growth in our pre-mixed ‘ready to go’ range of gins which are perfect for one-off events such as Valentine’s Day.”

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