Eroski and its customers donate 6,150 tonnes of food

Enough food has been collected to to provide meals for 3,899 families

Spanish retail co-op Eroski has donated 5,717 tonnes of food this year as part of its Zero Waste programme. Another 433 tonnes were collected from customers and members, bringing the total donation to 6,150 tonnes of food.

The Zero Waste programme was designed to end the waste of food products in date at Eroski shops, by handing it to charities near their trading areas. Enough food has been given out to provide meals to 3,899 families.

On 30 November and 1 December the co-op joined other supermarkets in a Big Collection organised by the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (Fesbal). More than 1,400 Eroski store, from convenience to large format, took part.

“At Eroski we have a firm commitment to contributing to a fairer, more supportive society, which is one of our objectives under our renewed health and sustainability commitments,” said the co-op’s director of health and sustainability,Alejandro Martínez Berriochoa. “Once again, our collaboration with the food banks was a great opportunity to materialise Eroski’s commitment and mission as a consumer co-operative.”

Eroski has been collaborating with Fesbal, which helped it to develop the Zero Waste programme, for more than 20 years. The campaign was initially proposed by the food bank of Vizcaya and supported by Eroski customers.

“We would like to thank Eroski for its long-term collaboration with the food banks, which shows a commitment to fighting food waste, something at the heart of both organisations,” said Fesbal.

Customers could also pay for €5 food vouchers at the checkout – funding a donation equivalent to two packs of vegetables, two kilos of pasta and four fish tins. At the end of the campaign all funding obtained through the vouchers will given to the food banks to buy the products they most need.

Mr Berriochoa said Eroski shoppers could also buy food products on their own and leave them at collection centres in stores.

Eroski will make an additional donation of 7% of the total amount raised through the campaign.

“As usual, at Eroski we wanted to further commit ourselves to this cause by making an additional donation towards the total amount raised by consumers,” said Mr Berriochoa.

Eroski is run by the Mondragon Corporation, the world’s largest federation of worker co-operatives.

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