Co-operatives UK presents framework and guidance around Key Performance Indicators

Co-operatives UK presented its draft framework and guidance at the Practitioners Forum in Manchester

Delegates at the Practitioners Forum in Manchester got an insight into Co-operatives UK‘s draft framework and guidance around Key Performance Indicators for co-ops.

The document is based on the seven co-op principles. It takes each principle, identifies a number of core questions to consider and sets out example KPIs and how support metrics can be used.

It aims to help co-ops to think about KPIs support delivering member value, member voice and co-operative values. The guidance uses an open set of questions, which can be used as a starting point for discussions around about how core objectives and the mission is delivered.

“The framework was designed to be simple and flexible, bringing together co-op principles and business principles. It’s a living document waiting for feedback from members. We are still consulting with people on it,” said John Sandford, chair of the Co-operative Performance Committee.

“It’s a question based-framework, not aimed to be prescriptive,” added Shelagh Everett of Co-operatives UK. “It’s about getting the right KPIs for your co-op.”

She explained that the context or answer to questions may differ across co-operatives. Some KPIs may be relevant to certain types of co-ops only but all can be used to prompt debate, she said.

The framework can be used by all co-ops, irrespective of type, size or sector and will soon be available online.

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